Three Legitimate Reasons To Use An Inheritance Loan

An inheritance loan can also be known as an estate loan, probate loan or trust loan. It is a financial tool that has great importance and can be used by the heirs of an estate. One can borrow against a real estate. As such, an estate may be going through a trust administration process or could be in a probate process. The assets can not be directly accessed by the heirs of the estate which they are entitled to, during this period of time. Due to this cause, an inheritance loan can be chosen to utilize by an heir for the following reasons.

Settling obligations of the estate

In order to complete the whole process of probate, it can take anywhere from months to even years. There may be many obligations of the estate during this time that must be settled as soon as possible. These types of multiple obligations may include funeral costs, repairing properties, legal fees, maintaining properties or paying off debts of the estate. The required liquidity can be delivered by a short-time loan in order to solve the problem, in case, the heirs of the estate do not have the sufficient cash available to satisfy the obligations of the estate.

Receive an inheritance advance

While waiting for the completion of the trust or probate administration process, certain financial needs may be required by the heirs of the estate. These financial needs include paying off high-interest debt, paying medical bills, taking advantage of an investment opportunity or even funding a down payment for the purchase of a home. Early access to the assets is given to the heirs by an inheritance loan they are entitled to.

Dividing an interest in real estate between heirs

In some cases, an heir may wish to just have the cash while another would rather wish to retain ownership of a property in the estate. An loan against the property can be taken out by the heir who wishes to retain ownership in this situation. The loan proceeds can also be used by these heirs to pay off the other heirs for their interest in the property.

Where to obtain one?

Such loans cannot be provided by conventional lenders like credit unions or banks. The services of hard money lenders must be used in order to obtain an inheritance loan by a borrower. Short-term loans are provided by the hard money lenders to borrowers who have equity in properties like heirs of an estate.